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Zavradinos Engineering is a Forensic Engineering and Civil Engineering firm with a half century of business and experience.  Our previous work included civil design and land surveying on over 5,000 projects over 48 years in 6 states.  We also developed and built about 1000 residential lots, 100 homes, and over a dozen shopping centers and commercial projects.

We've concentrated on Forensic Engineering since 2011 and have performed over 1000 studies on nearly every type of property imaginable including homes, apartment complexes, commercial buildings, telescope observatories, and many others.

Forensic engineering is the application of engineering principles to the investigation of failures, performance problems, ruination and causes of damage, and then reporting the findings of the investigation.  Forensic engineering may also involve testimony before a court of law or other judicial forum.

Our opinions and studies are completely honest and unbiased.  They serve to find the answers to your questions.

Investigation Services include:
Hail and Wind Damage
Manufacturers Defects
Tree impacts
Post Fire structural
Water Intrusion
Any damage to real or personal property

We also perform: 
Insurance Appraisals
Insurance Appraisal Umpiring

An insurance appraisal is a process where an insured protests the award from an insurance company.  The insured and the insurer each hire an unbiased expert, an appraiser.  If the two appraisers cannot agree, then they hire an umpire.

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